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DJ POZ Perth Wedding DJ

Hello my name is Paul Cuesta.


I was born and raised in Perth. I'm happily married to my amazing wife of 25 years, father to our beautiful daughter and living in Hillarys.


I am a 2nd generation DJ as my father was a prominent Perth club DJ in the 80s and 90s. 


My first experience seeing a DJ was when I was 11 years old and my Dad was the DJ for my primary school disco. The next day my friends told me how cool my Dad was and how much fun they had dancing. From that moment on I knew one day I wanted to be a DJ like my Father before me. What's really cool is I have been able to repeat history and be the DJ at my daughter's primary school disco. 


My love for music began at age 15 when I started learning guitar, the bass and drums. Learning these instruments deepened my love of music and gave me an appreciation and understanding of the technical elements to not only listen and enjoy music but understand the basis of how a song is constructed and produced. 


When I was 17 my Dad owned an under age disco in Cannington called the Rush Club. He gave me my first opportunity to be a DJ and this is where I learned to operate professional DJ equipment, understand the power of music and develop the skill to read a crowd and keep a packed dance floor.


Throughout my life I've worked in management roles, disabilities coordination and owned retail businesses all of which have developed my skills in service, communication, organisation, leadership, troubleshooting and more. Through it all music has always been one of my passions.


After many years I decided to pursue my dream and dedicate my career to being a DJ and bringing happiness to people through music. So I created DJ POZ - Perth's Wedding DJ in 2018.


My business then expanded to also provide services for Reception Coordination and Master of Ceremonies. I've never looked back.


Today with a lifetime of knowledge and 5 years of wedding experience, I take great pride in being an established Open Format DJ, MC and Reception Coordinator in the Perth wedding industry, using the latest premium DJ equipment and technology.


I'm now a National  Australian multi award winning wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies, voted by my newlywed couples, in the Wedding Industry Awards and Australian Wedding Awards.


I LOVE what I do to a point that I struggle to refer to it as my "job". I consider it as living the dream. Being able to help create and be a part of my couples Wedding Day is an absolute honour and joy.


Drawing from my years of experience in music, team management and resolution of unexpected circumstances I am able to take the lead during your reception, managing vendors, formalities and timetable so you can both simply enjoy your night.


My reward and passion is seeing my couples happiness while experiencing all the wonderful details of their dream wedding reception that they've taken months planning, executed seamlessly.


I believe your wedding reception should be one of the best nights of your lives creating beautiful memories with your family and friends.

What makes me stand out from other wedding DJs in Perth:


I am a full time professional Wedding DJ, Master of Ceremonies and Reception Coordinator specialising in Weddings. With over 5 years of experience I've had over 20 000 people on my dance floors and coordinated over 170 weddings. I am on site at your reception for approximately 10 hours.


Being an owner operator I am dedicated to every aspect of my business. When you hire me you are getting me and dealing with me, no outsourcing or unknown employees.


I’m an Open Format DJ. I have a diverse knowledge of music genres expanding decades and can cater to different musical tastes and preferences. The ability to seamlessly transition between songs gives me a competitive edge to create a cohesive flow to keep the energy levels up in the room and on the dance floor.


I live mix music through the entire reception, even before the dancing, allowing me to observe and adapt to your guests musical preferences through the evening. I DO NOT simply press play on a Spotify playlist and sit down until the dancing segment of the night commences.


My life experience and knowledge gives me added qualities not all vendors possess when running your wedding reception. Whether that is simply from an entertainment position as DJ or managing the entire night as your Reception Coordinator, there are simply some skills only experience and time can teach. 


Currently I have over 150 five star recommendations from my couples on Facebook.


I am a National Australian multiple award winning DJ and Master of Ceremonies voted by my newly wed couples in recognition of wedding service excellence.


I am the winner of:


🏆 Wedding Industry Awards

🏆 1# MC 2021, 2022, 2023

🏆 1# DJ 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023,

🏆 Australian Wedding Awards 

🏆 Top 10 DJs in Australia 2021

🏆Top 5 MCs  in Australia 2021, 2022

DJ POZ is an Open Format DJ. What is an open format DJ?


An Open Format DJ refers to a DJ who can play a wide variety of genres and styles of music, catering to the diverse musical preferences of the guests. 


Unlike DJs who focus on a specific genre or style, I can seamlessly transition from one song to the next, blending different genres, tempos, and musical elements to create a smooth and continuous flow of music throughout your reception.


To transition seamlessly from one song to the next, I use various techniques such as beat matching, harmonic mixing, and creative mixing skills. Here are examples:


1. Beat matching: This technique involves adjusting the tempo of the incoming song to match the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of the outgoing song. By aligning the beats, I ensure a smooth transition without any abrupt changes in rhythm.


2. Harmonic Mixing: DJs who practice harmonic mixing consider the musical key of each song. My aim is to mix songs that have compatible or complementary keys, resulting in harmonious transitions between tracks.


3. Phrasing: I pay attention to the structure and arrangement of the songs, focusing on the transitions between sections, such as the chorus, verse, breakdowns, and drops. I time the transitions to occur at natural breakpoints in the music to maintain the flow.


4. Crossfading: Using a mixer, I can smoothly fade out the outgoing song while fading in the next song, allowing for a seamless transition without any sudden stops or gaps in the music.


5. Looping and Effects: I utilise loops and effects to create smooth transitions and add interest to the transition process. I can loop a section of one song while blending it with another, or use effects to gradually introduce the new song and enhance the transition.


It's important to note that these techniques require skill, experience, and a deep understanding of music theory and music history. I spend time curating and practicing my sets to ensure a seamless and enjoyable musical experience for the wedding guests, catering to a wide range of musical preferences and age demographics while maintaining an exciting atmosphere. 

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