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Wedding DJ

My main responsibility as your wedding DJ goes beyond simply playing music through the course of your reception. I carefully select and seamlessly transition through songs to play music that creates a fun vibe and memorable time for both you and your guests.

I will assist you with any song selections needed for key moments during the course of your reception. I work closely with you to understand your musical preferences, cultural backgrounds, age demographics and accommodate any questions you may have. 

During the dancing portion of the reception I read the crowd and adjust the music selection accordingly to keep the dance floor alive and energised. 


Master of Ceremonies

As MC at your wedding reception I am responsible for hosting and guiding the flow of the evening. My main roles and responsibilities as your MC include:


1. Introductions: At the start of your reception I introduce you both and your bridal party, elevating your guests' excitement and setting the tone for the evening all about celebrating your marriage.


2. Announcements: I communicate important information to your guests such as the venue’s house rules, food

services, upcoming speeches, cake cutting, performances, first dance, bouquet toss, and any logistical details.


3. Speeches and Toasts: I organise the speeches and toasts during the reception. I will introduce the speakers, keep track of the allotted time for each speech, and help create a comfortable environment for the speakers.


4. Audience Engagement: I engage with the audience to keep the energy and excitement high. I encourage guests to participate in activities, and ensure everyone feels involved and entertained.

Reception Coordinator

As your reception coordinator I specialise in managing and organising all aspects of your wedding reception ensuring that the evening runs smoothly and all details are executed to your satisfaction. 


Tasks performed by me include:


1. Timing and Schedule Management: I will be responsible for keeping your reception on schedule via the venue’s run sheet to ensure that all formalities such as the food services, special moments, dancing and conclusion of your reception occur at the allocated times.


2. Vendor management: I liaise with your other wedding professionals such as the venue’s wedding coordinators, celebrants, musicians, videographers, photographers, venue supervisors and service staff in all the run sheet details and coordination. This is to ensure a seamless flow from the start to the end of your reception. 


3. Ambiance: I work closely with you to plan and execute the desired vibe for your reception. 


4. Problem Solving: If any unexpected issues arise during your reception, I am the person who resolves them. I handle any disruptions, delays or last-minute changes with professionalism and act as the point of contact for any emergencies that may arise calmly and efficiently ensuring minimal disruption to your reception.


Overall my primary responsibility is to create a stress free and enjoyable experience for you both, fulfilling your vision of your dream wedding reception giving you and your guests an incredibly memorable evening.


After much anticipation, our new Stream-Lined Planning package is NOW AVAILABLE!

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You get:

  • Love by Larissa as your amazing celebrant to take care of all your legals and have a kick ass ceremony.

  • DJ POZ - Perth's Wedding DJ to be your amazing DJ/MC and provide kick ass reception coordination to ensure you have the best time from start to finish.

National award winning vendors, providing you a streamlined Planning Package

so you can focus on you and let us do our thing!

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National Wedding Award winning Reilly Craig plays live music for:

  • Your Ceremony.

  • During your pre-dinner drinks and canapés.

  • During food service of your reception, alternating with DJ service

  • Can perform your first dance song live (if you choose).


Reilly is so amazing I had him sing at my vow renewal for my 25th Silver Anniversary.

Click here to see:


Reilly at DJ POZ's 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary.

In recognition of wedding service excellence voted by his Brides 

and Grooms, DJ POZ is a Seven times #1 winner of the: 

Wedding Industry Awards

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